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    School of Leadership believes in you. We believe in your power to live an enlightened life, to be a source of positive change and to leave a legacy. You only get to live once (something those rap songs won’t let you forget!) and you have one chance to make your life about choices, not complaints; about developing, not stagnating; about fulfillment; not disappointment; about giving, not just taking. Why does your contribution matter? Because you are born different. Period.


    Your ability combined with ours possesses the strength to challenge conventions through advocacy and action. We must be compassionate, competent and courageous. Powered with our character, we can dream and create a world of dignity, fairness, support, opportunity & fulfillment.


    At SoL, we go beyond what meets the eye. We dig deeper and design & deliver creative learning initiatives. We open up the floor for participants like you to embrace the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge, skills and attitude needed to thrive in today’s tricky times (clearly, we’re also pretty good at alliteration). You’ll see us at conferences, workshops, and exhibitions. You’ll see us on campuses, in hotels, at beaches and on mountains. How will you know it’s us, you might ask? Because you’ll be energized, engaged & enlightened.

    A 7 – week intensive training program on Leadership with some of the World best Leaders happening in Jos, Plateau State.